About Us

We live in the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Utah and strive to produce beautiful, health tested lines of Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles.

Our aim is to produce pups that are socialized from day one, with our six kids and the help of our wonderful friends and neighbors we start neurological stimulation from day 3 which includes exposing the pups to different touch and positions and various other stimulation's to help them become the adaptable and comfortable with new experiences.

Bernedoodle Beginnings

I grew up with Poodles and then met my first Bernese Mountain Dog as an adult and instantly fell in love with the breed. Bernese are true gentle giants, quiet and loving and want more than anything to sit by the fire and be by their people. I loved their temperament and patience with my small children but their biggest draw back was when that gorgeous double coat shed!

Bernedoodles from Oak Barrel Doodles in Utah
Bernedoodles from Oak Barrel Doodles in Utah
Bernedoodles from Oak Barrel Doodles in Utah

I lamented that they were the perfect dog, if only they could be non-shedding, which led me to the idea that a poodle cross would be the perfect combination of intelligence, coat and easy going personality.

I found my first Bernese in Canada, where the lines were beautiful and blocky. Daisy came to us and immediately stole our hearts with her generous love and eternally patient personality. She is never happier than when she has one of my kids draped over her and she is staring longingly at us with those big brown eyes.

Bernese Mountain Dog from Oak Barrel Doodles in Utah

Daisy had her first litter last October, with one of the pups being trained as a service dog and heading to California and the other puppies finding homes across Utah.

Gracie was our next Bernese Mountain dog to come into our lives. She came from the east coast and had a gentle nature that was so sweet that everyone that met her just fell in love. She came from fully health tested parents with regal, long living lines and a softness that melts your heart. Her first litter went to their new homes as far as New York and were absolutely adorable!

We have since added several girls into our breeding program that will be coming up in the coming year for future litters, including some that will produce F1B pups in 2017.