Oak Barrel Parents

Health and temperament are priorities when breeding our Oak Barrel puppies. Our dogs are all OFA certified, or in the process of becoming certified. We want our puppies to be as healthy as they are beautiful! Our dogs all have a story and all have unique wonderful personalities. Many of our dogs live in Guardian homes, which allow them to be an "only dog" and pampered and loved full time!

Doodle Moms


Gracie - AKC Bernese Mountain Dog

AKC Bernese Mountain Dog

This gorgeous girl has stolen our hearts with her soft, gentle nature. She loves her people and loves to lie at our side and nudge our elbows for head rubs and belly rubs all day long. She is very intuitive- she seems to know what you want before you say it. She comes from beautiful European lines and has a lovely curly coat with incredible softness. She is calm and quiet and well mannered- everything you want in a beautiful Bernese mom.


Katie and Kona - F1 Bernedoodle

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Katie and Kona are our two newest additions to our growing canine family. They come from wonderful lines, are gentle yet playful, and both seem highly intuitive. Both have produced perfect tri-colored puppies.


Katie and Kona - F1 Bernedoodle

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Katie and Kona are our two newest additions to our growing canine family. They come from wonderful lines, are gentle yet playful, and both seem highly intuitive. Both have produced perfect tri-colored puppies.


Cheyenne Bernese Mountain Dog

AKC Bernese Mountain Dog
OFA Certified

Cheyenne is a wonderful Bernese Mountain Dog. She is a loving girl who is great with the kids, and loves attention of any kind. We are excited for her F1 Mini Puppies with Beau.


Reign Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

Reign is our newest Bernese Mountain Dog. Like all of our Bernese, she has a wonderful playful personality and is great with our kids. She has just had her first litter of mini Bernedoodles and we are excited about the great flashy tri-color puppies in this litter.


Xu-Mei Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog


Minnie Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog


Bella Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog


Libby Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog


Bexley - F1 Bernedoodle

F1 Bernedoodle

Bexley is a standard F1 bernedoodle. She is the daughter of Scout and Gracie. She will be part of our future breeding program of F1b puppies. She goes everywhere with her guardian family, and gets lots of love and attention! She is working on becoming an instagram celebrity with her good looks and fun personality.


Izzy - F1 Standard Goldendoodle

F1 Mini Bernedoodle

Izzy is a gorgeous F1 Mini Bernedoodle. She has wonderful coloring and a beautiful wavy coat to her. She has produced our smallest size Micro-Mini Bernedoodles.


Toulla - F1 Mini Bernedoodle

F1 Mini Bernedoodle

Toulla is a mini F1 Bernedoodle. She is a little girl - just 20lbs but she is so smart and cute! She is very well-mannered, and has been a quiet, easy-going addition to her wonderful guardian family. She loves to be dressed up by the kids in her home, and loves going on daily walks. We can't wait to create tiny teacup F1b puppies in the future with her and Beau, targeted for early 2018.


Coco - Standard Poodle

Standard Poodle

Coco is another of our Standard Poodle girls that we are planning future F1b puppies with. She lives with her wonderful guardian family and has been a delight to them and their children. We are excited to see how she grows into a beautiful adult.


Pearl - Tri-Sable Standard Poodle

Tri-Sable Standard Poodle
OFA Certified

Pearl is a fun-loving Standard poodle, with unique tri-sable coloring. She has passed her hips and elbow testing with flying colors. We are planning a litter of Standard F1 Bernedoodles with her and Bruce, ready in March 2017. She is a sweet girl, who loves to snuggle and play in equal parts. She is wonderful with children, and will be a great Mom.


Summer - Red Standard Poodle

AKC Red Standard Poodle Poodle
OFA Certified

Summer is my daughter's emotional support dog - she keeps the monsters under the bed away and sleeps dutifully by her side, every night. She is such a calm, obedient girl - she has great patience and understanding and will let her carry her around like a teddy bear, or dress her up for the recent "wedding" between her and Rollo our standard poodle. She comes from many generations of dark reds, from Highland poodlle lines in Florida. This makes a big difference in non-fading terms for her puppies.


Priya - Tri-Colored Moyen Poodle

Tri-Colored Moyen Poodle

Priya is another one of our up-coming girls. She is a Tri-colored Moyen Poodle. Priya lives in a wonderful guardian home, and will be having her first litter late 2017. We are planning to have Mini F1b Bernedoodles with her. She is a gentle girl, with a sweet and loving personality.


Sadie - F1 Standard Goldendoodle

F1 Standard Goldendoodle

Sadie was our first Goldendoodle girl, and her Mini Goldendoodle pups were so beautiful and good-natured that we were thoroughly convinced that we should continue producing Mini Goldendoodle pups from then on. We have a lot of families wanting siblings from her litters because of their great temperaments. Sadie is a fun-loving girl with a lot of Golden Retriever in her personality. She loves to meet new people and dogs. She has a big heart, that has room in it for everyone, no matter who they are. She is happy go lucky and great with my kids.


Ruby - F1 Standard Goldendoodle

F1 Goldendoodle

Ruby has the loose waves and non shedding coat with a lovely quiet nature. She wants to follow you around as your shadow and is obedient and smart. She lives with her guardian family and we are excited to see her first litter early 2017.


Luna - F1 Standard Goldendoodle

F1 Mini Goldendoodle

Luna is our deep red mini Goldendoddle Mom. We are very excited to see her puppies when paired with Rex. Both of them have wonderful temperaments and deep red hues. We think the puppies will be stunning minis with the temperament of a standard.


Khloe - F1 Standard Goldendoodle

F1 Medium Goldendoodle

Khloe is one of our new Goldendoodle Moms. She is a beautiful red color, and has a personality that is engaging, funny, and loving.

Doodle Dads


Beau - Miniature Poodle

Miniature Tri-Colored Poodle

Beau is our miniature AKC tri-colored poodle. He is a sweet boy who lives in a guardian home with his family. He is part of our Mini Bernedoodle program. He is only 8lbs, so will produce some true minis with our girls.


Silas - Teacup Toy Poodle

Toy Poodle
OFA Certified

Silas is a teacup / toy Poodle that we will be using for our smallest Bernedoodles. He has gorgeous coloring and a personality to match!


Finn - Parti Poodle

Standard Poodle

Finn is a Standard Poodle with excellent coloring and a wonderful conformation. We are very excited to see the pups with one of our "twin" Bernedoodles, Katie and Kona.


Emmett - Standard Poodle

AKC Standard Poodle

Emmett is another of our Standard Poodle studs. He is a beautiful Poodle with perfect coloring for tri-color Bernedoodles.


Murphy - Bernedoodle

F1 Mini Bernedoodle

Murphy is one of our Bernedoodle Studs. We love his coloring. He is everything we hope for in a Bernedoodle. Wonderful personality, beautiful non-shed coat, and tri-color.


Kruz - Bernedoodle

F1 Bernedoodle

Kruz is oour family pet and also one of our Bernedoodle Studs. Similar to Murphy, we love his coloring and he also has the wonderful Bernedoodle personality, beautiful non-shed coat, and is a tri-color.

Goldendoodle Dads


Flynn - Mini Red Goldendoodle

F1 Mini Red Goldendoodle
OFA Certified

Flynn is a popular little guy. He wanders into the room when people are picking out pups and steals the show! Often families say that they would like to take him home too. If he was a human he would be a surfer type, loose shaggy hair, not a care in the world! He has a great blocky Golden Retriever shape but the perfect non-shedding coat from the poodle. He is the mix that we strive to produce in our pups.


Rex - Mini Red Goldendoodle

AKC Mini Poodle

Rex is an external stud with an amazing pedigree. He has produced gorgeous healthy red puppies for us in the past with wonderful temperaments.


Teddy - Parti Poodle

Toy Poodle (External)

Teddy is a 5 pound AKC deep red toy poodle. He has a very easy-going personality, and is sweet and affectionate. He is a great little guy!